Everything is weird


Standard Panic Procedure:
1: Have you tried Verifying the Integrity of the Game Cache?
2:Defrag the Cache File.
3: Uninstall Garry’s Mod via Steam, then reinstall. (If you want to keep your addons, drag them to your desktop and put them back in after you install.)
4: If all of those fail, Well, shit.

Fuck me, I completely reinstalled GM (deleted garrysmod folder and everything) and it’s still happening. Well, shit.

Number 3, easier way and faster really.

Go to your garrysmod folder and delete everything apart from your data/addons folder.
Remove any addons you’re unsure about though.
Relaunch garrysmod and it should replace all missing files.

nope it’s still not working (I’m on Windows 8, maybe that’s messing it up)

I’m afraid I’ve not actually got around to trying windows8.

I’m just going to wait for launch and grab it then, to lazy I be :slight_smile:

Well, I tried changing my Steam interface to French, and most of the bugs were gone. Also, I completely uninstalled and reinstalled Garry’s Mod and the bugs are still there, which further leads me to believe that this is a problem with Steam’s localization, not Garry’s Mod itself. I deleted winui.gcf and let Steam recreate it, but that didn’t help. What else can I try deleting?

Windows 8 is a preview… and no, Garry nor Valve did take a look at it yet/publish anything compatible.
You will not receive official help for that issue.

NO WONDER! Which Which pre is it?

Probably doesn’t matter. The internal APIs of Windows were changed heavily. For example, the desktop isn’t a real desktop but a metro tile.

This happened to me as well. What I did was wait for an update.

Okay, it finally works after reinstalling Steam in a completely clean folder and ONLY installing Garry’s Mod first. Weird. Thread can be closed now.