Everything I've done Recently (and then some..)

For those of you who Know me, I’m Known as “Angry baby”
I’ve been posing since about 06’ish maybe 07’. throughout that time i’ve had a couple Blue screens of Death so I lost ALOT of poses, But heres most of the ones i’ve done Recently… and well, then some…
Not in Really any order.**

Well, Facepunch Removed the rest of em.
And, I also, wanted to say, I’ve moved on from posing and to building, I will post some poses, but not nearly as much as I used to.

I like them all.

Well, thanks.

I love all of those. :slight_smile:

The last pic is obviously on construct, but for some reason it doesn’t bother me. The posing is jsut so good.

Well, thanks

do you still have that astronaut ragdoll?

It was a Player model I had found on Garrysmod.org

but, sadly no I dont :frowning: I wiped my Gmod clean.

Lol’d at the last picture.

I am in love with these pictures.

Neat little collection. Me like.

Thanks guys:)

I love your editing style.

Thank you :tiphat: