Everything spawns as an effect...

Dear people on the forum,
I have bin playing Garry’s mod for over 100 hours now and I enjoy it very much, But since today I have a litle problem, When I open my spawn menu it opens normally but when I spawn an item, (almost 50% of the itmens) it spawns as an effect. Like when I tried to spawns the circle things from the poral addon, a blue box appeard with the green circle in the middle and it didn’t seem to have any kind of density or be effected by gravity… it just flows there…
Please help me.
I have put time in this message so I would really really really like if you put a litle bit of time in awnsering me if you know what’s wrong?


First of all like I keep saying, spell correctly, are you sure you have all of the source games installed that you wish to use in Garry’s Mod?

I’m sorry for the spelling but hey, com’on I’m dutch… I can spell incorrectly it’s not my languache? But yes I do have all the source games installed… :frowning:

In that case I apologise, it just seemed you couldn’t be arsed to spell, sorry, erm only thing I can think of really is verifying the integrity of all your source game’s caches.

i can barely read it im sorry.

Many things you spawn in GMod are effects, particularly portal ones.

True but the majority of them are Physics objects.


But yes, majority of Portal items are infact effects, OP have you tried spawning from the Team Fortress 2 menu, a ragdoll for instance?

Look, I’m sorry if my English is so bad that you don’t understand. I will try to say it again. When I open my spawn menu with Q. It opens normally. But when I go to any tab, mostly portal and specialized construction props, It’s also normal but when I spawn (for example) the propellors, It spawns as an effect and doesn’t seem to have any gravity or density. But it also isn’t the right prop. I click on the propellor and I get an arm with a stun stick in it… (wtf) or an upper body. and when I spawn the REALLY big thing with all the tubes from the portal tab, It appears as the blue crate from usefull construction props but with no density nor gravity…
Did I describe well this time?
I could make a lil’ film of it but I don’t know wich recorder to use. I tried Snagit but it doen’t show the game…

Thanks anyway,


Ragdolls spawn OK, You should read my new post. IT IS NOT THIS PROBLEM FOR EVERY PROP!

Don’t worry, I understood that, looks like you’ve got some dodgy models going on there, your best bet is to re-install Garry’s Mod.

Ok Thanks so much…


But should I also delete the Source SDK and portal and that shit?

Nope, no need just Gmod. :smile:

Thanks very much, I hope it will work it is almost done with redownloading/installing…


What the hell… I have no idea where he installed it but I will find it…
I am closing this thread now or it can be closed…

Glad I could be of help :smile: