everytime i have a gun mod a error model comes out instead of a cartrage!

title says it all and instead of a empty cartrage it is a error model.

the mods i use are.

MW2 ACR Pack

My Boomstick

and basicly every gun mod i use

help me please!

I honestly am not sure what could be causing that, but here’s some things to start with.

Which Source games do you own?
Is your GMOD pirated?

I might be wrong, but a lack of Source engine games or a pirated client could cause those errors.

He didn’t pirate it, I saw his other thread.

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Can you give us a working link to your steam profile?

The bullet casings that the mods use are from Counter Strike Source, this causes an error because you don’t have Counter Strike Source.

you may be a able to find a model replacement.

Done a quick look, found an entire category of shells. In theory, you should be able to use these as a replacement for the originals you don’t have.

I can’t test this as I already have CS:S, tell me if it works.

these are all c:ss cartrages how do i use them for gmod?

To use them in GMod, you install them in the exact same way you would to CS:S.

how?! i dont have css

nevermind i fixed it