Everytime I Start Garrysmod It Doesnt Run

So, I installed Windows 7 for a second time, (it worked first time) and now every time I run GarrysMod it comes up with the steam

“Preparing To Launch GarrysMod” or whatever,

The game flashes up in a transparent box and then doesn’t run.

The process hl2.exe is visible in the Task Manager until it flashes up and goes.

I’ve already tried:

Reinstalling GarrysMod
Deleting every file to do with GarrysMod
Running in a window at Startup Commands
Running in dx level 8

I have the latest graphic drivers and I have the latest Direct X

For the record, I already have a thread with the same issue here:


Try putting either



-window -dxlevel 90

in Launch options.

-fullscreen worked for me :smiley:

THANKS! :slight_smile: