Everytime I try to get into a server, the monster shadow in the garage shows up

Everything was working really well. Then yesterday, I try to get into a server and the monster shadow thingy shows up. I tried this over and over again. Closed the browser, even restarted my computer and nothing. This makes me really mad because I want to play so bad.

Thanks for your help!

**TL;DR: The monster shadow thingy shows up every time I attempt to get into a server. **

-Sky :v:

WTH is “the monster shadow thingy”?

I think he refers to Gary’s logo.

Its like a parking garage with a barrel and in the background there is a shadow of a monster.


It is the new menu background.

*She. and No I don’t think I do.

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Yeah! That thing!

Which server are you trying?

[MCM] Us 1

ive seen it its like a shadow in a garage that just looks around xDDDD i saw it when i crashed but it only happened one time

I think most the servers are getting this glitch.

I play on US East and it’s been glitched for a while now.

All we can really do is wait :stuck_out_tongue: it’s something serverside most likely

Ughh. That sucks.


It looks like it has horns…

It does look really odd but I’m pretty sure it’s the arm/shoulder of a zombie.

Ah, I see.

Dunno what to tell you though as I haven’t had any such trouble. If that really is a menu screen background though then that indicates the game might be loading properly but it’s failing to connect to the server as Seth_ suggested.

I’ve been in the rad zones, with zombies inside of those rooms.

Pretty sure the shadow is an arm and “horn” is the sleeve of its shirt.

Could be wrong though.

Beat me to it! :pwn:


I don’t really see anything that looks like horns in that picture. It just looks like the shadow of a person (likely zombie like Minny said) being cast on the wall.

Apparently TCB still thinks it’s a “monster” of some sort.

Then again, I guess zombies are technically monsters.

It really doesn’t matter what it is. The problem still persists.