"eviction notice" MNU agents start evicting residents of district 9

C&C please!

Since when are there gigantic sci-fi fortress towers in Johannesburg?

Since when do MNU agents have full-body power armor?

Since when do humans get their hands on hi-tech beam weapons?

What the heck has the Prawn got on his head?


I do believe that is a pin-wheel hat, or maybe a deflated ball.

Its the pyros beanie.

omg lol ninjad

it’s the Pyro’s Beanie
well that’s what it looks like


fuck :ninja:'ed

Since reality became awesome.

he was referring to the movie, and since this was based on the movie, your comment made no sense.

Its a pyro beanie!

Good idea, bad ragdolls/props choice.



Since when has there been a giant space ship hovering over a city?
Tell me that and the answers will come a flowin :v