Evil Breen at his desk


Hehe dr.evil at his best

Looks actually pretty evil. At least more than Breen normally does.

I jumped out of my seat.

** 1 Billion Dollars!**

cough1 million dollarscough

Ahem… One trillion- ba billion, ka-zillion, bo billion… DOLLARS!


Daiyum!! Nice!! His face really freaked me out.

I was sort of expecting a Dr. Evil copy, but this is very nice.

“Now, for Earth’s… future…”
“Sir, do you need some eyedrops? Your eyes are pretty red. Your throat sounds scratchy too.”
“A glass of water would be fine.” :v:

Fugly gun models everything else is excelent.

Rape face lol
Breen does look pretty fucking evil.

Have an artistic.

Excellent lighting, have some wood.


i’m sorry what?

I do believe he said “YES wherd U GET DEH BOLTARZ”

yeah but what does it mean?
in proper english i mean or french if you can speak that too…

nah seriously thou it’s in Larry’s Ultimate Weapon Pack

When i saw breens face i instantly thought “POWER, UNLIMITED POWER!”

Hide the face paint from breen.

I really like the fingerposing