Evil console commands

If you were to run one console command on a dick. what would it be?

bonus points if you don’t say unbindall

Bind w exit

There’s this one command that makes all of your materials dissapear or make it errors, and literally all you see if pink and black checkers. You can only revert it back to normal if you know the command (switch it to 1 or something)

quit smoking

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I have never heard such command. Where did you get this?

screw running commands on them

just aim at one, ent_fire !picker kill

enjoy player removal

bind w exit ; bind s disconnect ; bind a “say I am a prick” ; bind d “say I like sex up the bum”

Best thing is, multiple commands run as one


Then rebind their chat/mic keys, grab some popcorn and watch the show

why not simply;

bind w “+forward; lua_run_cl http.Get(‘http://’)”

and the same for the rest of their keys.

This way they’ll end up DoSing whatever website you choose, or a game-server.

Did this back in 2012 with sethhack, noobs that joined with it running would automatically DoS the website. :v:

How well did the DoS work lol?

All these bind things, im pretty sure you can’t run those on clients anymore?

You cant


This works, though

Ah yea, didn;t think about that.

Yea for cheaters I will usually unbindall then hold their mouse at the right of the screen. The only way out is console and typically if they use that it will save the config. Otherwise they need to restart their computer really. It’s good.

Send the command via sendlua, RunConsoleCommand clientside- it worked for me the last time I attempted it, however if you use ply:ConCommand(), it has a blacklist from the server>client.

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Alt+Tab>End Process,Ctrl+Alt+Delete>TaskManager>End Process ??

What about not doing something like this at all.


Or we could give all the code the code to 12 year old owners for the cheap cheap price of $5 with the only cost being any and every player.

this wouldn’t really work outside gaming, but the command that toggles voice com, forgot how it was (+voicechat?)

anyway I did that once to some annoying kid on our server and we could all hear his mom getting all pissed and the kid was all like MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASEEE

So, bit of a bump etc but was ingame messing around.

] lua FindPlayer[[panth]]:SendLua[[RunConsoleCommand(‘bind’,‘y’)]]
RunConsoleCommand: Command is blocked! (bind)

unbindall works find, but there are some things still blocked.

There’s an exploit which has been reported, so don’t feel too secure