Evil Dead Ash

Hey, I’m wondering if anybody would be willing to hack together Ash from the Evil Dead movies.




The easiest method would probably be his look from Army of Darkness (in the video) where his clothing isn’t all ripped up. I figured that you could probably hack together Nick’s head, pants and shoes, maybe even model the rest of his shirt that he wears under his jacket, or just a shirt from a different model (could even be the common civvy’s, it would just need to be skinned slightly differently to be the right color) and of course, the chainsaw arm (the chainsaw can obviously come from L4D2, and the armor hand Ash had in AoD would be sweet as well). A better model for his other hand would be nice too (not just the ugly common civvie hand if you go with that body)

Thanks a lot to anybody who takes this up!

Nobody want’s to help out?

Can’t help i’m afraid, but this would be awesome. I guess an easy option would be if somebody could rip/port the model from that PS2 Evil Dead game: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evil_Dead:_Regeneration

I was thinking about that too. I’m not sure what’s easier, a hack or a rip, so I asked for the hack (it might not be as authentic but the quality would be better. PC graphics > PS2 graphics)

Someone do this.

someone has to do this i guess you could use the killing floor chainsaw & sawed of shotgun with a random ragdoll

Hack the L4D2 chainsaw onto some ragdoll.

That’s what I had suggested. A simple reskin to red and you’ve got ash’s chainsaw. There’s also already a good double barrel shotgun on garrysmod.org.

I loved those movies. Back when Sam Raimi was in his prime. And away from Spiderman…

Last time I’m gonna bump this.

I’m working on it!


Awesome! Thanks a lot!

By the way, there’s a denim shirt with front pockets in the casual skin pack that, if reskinned to be light brown, would look a lot like Ash’s shirt.

That actually looks pretty good.
I want to agree with Vman now.
Make Ashley! Make him well!

Ew Facegen.

Wait, I wasn’t able to see the picture until now.

Is that a custom model or a rip from the PS2 version? And if it’s custom will the texture be any better?

yes it is a custom model. I am still far from finished, for the texture I do my best.

The problem is especially hair. If you know any models that have the same kind of haircut that Ash made me know.

And also gives me the texture of the casual citizen whom you spoke.


As for the hair, Barney’s hair kinda looks like it (Use HL2 EP1 barney because his hair is more messed up), or Superman’s (From that DC and Marvel player pack) There might also be a fakefactory model with good hair.

And here’s the texture: http://rapidshare.com/files/318715139/Textures.zip.html

Also, both sides of his face are gonna be the same color in the final… right?

JOY! this looks sweet. man this’ll be awesome.

Superman ! Nice idea ^^
Thx for the textures :wink:

Of course ! But that is the finale work.


Glad to be of help!

That’s damn awesome looking.