Evil Dead - Models

This is where you can request or submit models from the Evil Dead franchise!

I’ll start things off.

Could we please get models from the Xbox/PS2 Game “Evil Dead: Regeneration”? Specifically Ash?

Isn’t it this one ? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=137564996

Will check over it in a moment. But Regeneration was only on the original Xbox and PS2. So idk.

I don’t think thats it, but it works either way. Did anyone make an Army of Darkness model then?

I’m recreating Ash from Ash vs evil dead series, it still WIP.
(Head was from AW)

I have recreate the cabin too :wink: is nearly finish with a lot’s of details.

Looks sweet!

Had this going from earlier this year, but never got around to finishing it just yet. Was pretty much done apart from some more texture work on the shirt and the shoulder harnesses.

What’s AW?

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That’s really good

call of duty advanced warfare

He’s in Advanced Warfare?

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Looking at a trailer is that Jon Bernthal too?

WHooooa ! :wink: Did you planned to finish him ? Share it or sell it ? because i’m really interested .

That looks amazing!

Maybe an Army of Darkness model?

Always loved that sweet cape and outfit he wears in that movie.

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Also, do you plan on doing Ruby, Baal, or someone else?

How about that demon that probed people’s minds in Season 1 that took over Kelly’s body?

Any progress on this model?


If you’re so interested in this model, take it to private messages. Don’t bump a several weeks-old thread without any meaningful content.

Thats a rule?

Hello fellas, i come sharing Evil Ash’s head from Borderlands 2, an unlockable from Poker Night 2 in XNALara format format (generic_item.mesh) and .psk format, it’s textures are Diff and Norm, both in .tga format


Sure :wink:

It looks fantastic!
I have a Chainsaw model from Poker Night 2, but the UV maps are, destroyed