Evil Genius Replica Door (Proof O' Concept)


I had the itch to make a Evil Genius-esque sort of map, so I started with one of my first and most beloved bits of Evil Genius.


I decided to leave the video here, perhaps inspire someone to the Evil Genius style. It took about eight hours to rip all the textures and fabricate some look alikes, and get everything in working order along with the brush work.

I’d say it’s really accurate to the real thing, minus the chrome-reflecty bits that were hard coded into the game.

It still makes me a little sad that all of Evil Genius’s walls are model based, and there’s almost no way to get at them without getting through the heavy compression. The textures are up for grabs, though a little on the low resolution side for some.

esque is pronounced esk


this is a very accurate replica, to stay on topic

Thanks for the heads up, Chrome isn’t spell check friendly.

I loved that game… And that looks simply incredible…

I happened to be be playing with funky, animated doors… But my video hasn’t finished processing.

I love the attention to detail you’ve put into that though.

Wait, it has now: Door Test

what’s sad is I never actually beat evil genius, I got to the second island and built the missile silo and everything :sigh:

Me too, it got really interesting on the second island too.

Haha, I love it. How’d you manage that effect?

A total of four door brushes, so when the main ones open fully, it triggers another two, hidden “doors” which slide the main ones open further, simple really.

I don’t often do entity work, but I really liked working on them.

That’s pretty neat, it would be pretty awesome to see the laser door or the heavy door done too.

I’ll get right on it. The Heavy Door is going to be the hardest, since I’ll have to make the texture myself.

Mmmmm… I loved the traps in that game… perhaps we could recreate them in hammer… the Gas chamber would be awesome, especially if we could do that animation where Gordon Freeman falls over( I hope I’m right, he falls over in the chase with the combine at the beginning of HL2 as far as I remember)… And, gosh I don’t remember many more, the fans… the Firepit. I’d love to try a few…

That door is for Evil Geniusii only, how can you open it? And it needs two guards as well!

(Evil Genius is awesome, I want moar.)

Made me install Evil Genius again.

I’m secretly posting from my Impressive Desk.

Any chance you can port the actual models from Evil Genius to source?
The character and object models that is.

Not really, everything but the txt’s and the textures are hard coded into the game, in headers and footers, (Theaderthinghere).bin is what they look like.

I’m looking into on how to rip the models/sounds.

This is cool and all, but I think it should have gone into the pimpage thread.

I don’t think it stands up to the perfection that the pimpage thread does.

It was too cool for the pimpage thread and needed it’s own thread?

If it really needed to be in the pimpage thread Terrenteller would merge them.