Evil NPC?

When add hostile NPC?
Boring to play without them

Its an early access game; they have to fix bugs first.

Shit on bugs and lags
We need a zombie! :v:

So youd prefer your game not working 99 percent for broken and buggy zombies? Kay.

Zambies bad. Wolves and Bears good.

Yeah, no zombies, please. I kind of feel like for every regular animal, there should maybe be a radiated analogue. Chickens and those freakish ones with the crazy mouths down their bodies. Bears and then Shiva-bears, with an extra set of arms and eyes. Wolves and multi-headed Cerberus wolves. Deer and Sleipnir deer with 8 legs and blood-soaked antlers. That kind of shit. I mean, if you have to do something zombie-esque, why not just add irradiated mutants?

At some point, I wouldn’t mind some kind of NPC enemy with a ranged attack, like maybe a mutant snake that spits acid or something like that. Would be kind of neat.

Radigators! That will be next weeks art.

Hell yeah! I think we need a more complex ecosystem anyway.

It would be neat if all animals were put together in a modular fashion, and thus could spawn with random extra limbs or heads or whatever. It would be based on an RNG with a low percentage chance of mutations. Each mutation would grant a stat bonus or an extra attack. Something like that.

Probably not feasible (especially not any time soon), but it would be really fun.

WOW…totally agree with you, but dude…we would need NASA’s clusters to play something so “AI-complex”…(exaggerated a bit, but you got it xD).

Let there be irradiated mutants like zombies)

Sorry. We need to go full aquatic here. I vote for randy dolphins. Nothing like a good dolphin hump.