Evil robot thing.

I really can’t think of a name for this thing.


If you want the original:


Any criticism is welcome as long as it is useful!
Also I know the robot looks terrible. But I’m not the most inventive person when it comes to giant robots. So if any one has a better idea for a robot, PM me and I’ll give it a try.

Erhmmmm… Dont know what to say, only that the effect looks bad.
I lol’ed at the evil robot tho.

Looks like a skyscraper that sprouted legs and…microphone arms.

I kinda expected the effect would be called bad. That is why I posted the original.

Wasn’t expecting the microphone arms. But I’m already looking for a way to make it better.
Also, did I mention it is sort of ragdollish?
Thanks for the comments so far.

Just looks like you fucked around with the filters.

All I really did was mess around in Paint.Net for around 5 seconds. The original pic took me about a hour and a half. Thanks for the criticism though.

Oh well it’s an okay photo. Posing is pretty good I suppose.

I like the posing, but I HATE CUSTOM MODELS THEY SUCK

So you’d rather us make these UbEr-1337 Solider poses with Breen and G-man?


Please, please dude, enhance your in-game graphics, my eyes are burning with this aliasing.