Evil Shall with Evil Be Expelled.


Messing around a bit with shading.

Tips and constructive criticism are always welcome.

And because this zoe’s arms are super broken. Here are the originals

Looks awesome.

More boobs less clothes

Dont mind if I say Nick looks very close to G-Man.

That is certainly not, Nick. That is Dekker.

Pretty damn good looking pose,reminds me of sin city a bit, though for some reason his right hand looks odd to me.

Saw the original and it looked pretty close to putin, if he had more hair.

That Nick skin would be perfect with grey hair.

Great picture, too. Maybe it would look a bit cooler if it had a Sin City kind of thing going on with like blue eyes or something.

Still, great picture.

No way … it’s Robert Patrick!

Sweet shading by the way!

Nice shading.