Evil Vader


is he… Floating??

edit: ment vader, not the the other guy

They’re both floating.


Oh! I missed it! I’m sorry!

well at least you’ve got the right idea with the zooming and your posing seems to have gotten a fair bit better, though the blur in the background looks kind of shoddy

compared to your earlier stuff, good job

He is floating, the posing is little bit weird for me and shadows are bad. But effect from his helmet is good.

Execute you I will

Imperial Officer is execute, his revenge is begin.

Haha, cmon Jenkins, be a little clever or you’ll kill the joke.

Anyways, you’re improving, your poses are getting much better. His legs are a bit odd, and the officer looks awkward but you’re making a lot of progress. Keep it up.

I just wanted to be funny :'c.

I find your lack of faith in this boy disturbing…

Anyway, this picture was cool, until I zoomed out a bit and saw those feet. But if you ignore Vader’s feet, it’s not that bad. Oh, and that blur…

Biscuit-Boy’s faith is lack, znalecc’s revenge is begin.

Cool idea, but one question? Why are Vaders shin armor and boots silver/whitish?

The shaders suck.

I think you forgot to hit the render button

looks more like simple dof to me.