Evil version of Engineer

Hi. I ask this new model if someone can make it.
It’s an evil Engineer with red goggles (if possible, add a little effect to make him more evil), and he has a Gunslinger with some blood. And an evil face if possible.

Thanks in advance.

x1 Dumb? What’s the problem?

The Engineer designs and builds machines meant specifically to kill people in an efficient fashion. That isn’t “evil” enough for you?

Thats like saying people who build tanks are evil.

Or people who make guns are evil.

Evil is relative. And you COULD say that but after all:

“Guns don’t kill people, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE”

And the Engineer LAUGHS when his sentries kill other people. So it’s kind of different.

I should also note he’s hired to kill them, like soldiers…

And they respawn, hell the classes say it themselves, even the sniper.

I’m just making a point, I doubt that most designers of guns want to personally watch their weapon blow a human to bits and then laughs about it. And even the gun designers get paid if their weapon is effective enough to be ordered.

Also, again…

They respawn, the classes achwnoledge this.

I was just making a point, I know what you mean by evil, like a stereotypical mad scientist, am I right?

Engineer builds sentries to kill people, but that doesn’t mean he is Evil. An evil person is a scary person, not just a killer.
And I need the model.

Ok lets see here.
Goggle thing can just be overlayed in Photoshop, there is a gunslinger model so you can just use that, just throw some blood on it.
And you make an evil face by using FACEPOSING.

What about red goggles and some other differences?

ill work on this if i can

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only because engie is my fav character

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and taunting with the wrench feels so good

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also, the gunslingers texture sheet is extremely complicated, i wont be able to help you with that one

So nevermind of the gunslinger, I will manually put blood on it.

Edit: Yeah, this could look like this: http://th04.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2010/230/d/9/The_Evil_Engineer_by_Thelombax51.jpg

[Looks at picture]

Sauron much?