The Boss Evils from Lollipop Chainsaw

The Boss Evils from Lollipop Chainsaw

please keep in mind it‘s my first try at Face- and Eyeposing

• Bodygroup for Glasses and the Handwrist Collars
• 4 Skins for the Eyes
• Face- Eye- and Fingerposable
• Glasses as Standalone Model + in HL²-Citizen Size

BG = Bodygroup
SG = Skingroup
FP = Fingerposer Features

known Bugs:

  • Faceposer sometimes move 2 or 3 Polygons a little at his Upper Body
  • Cape can look edgy when shoulders or upperarms are posed
  • Eyeposer works but only Right click (look at Player)
  • Faceposer Circle isn‘t at Place but also ensures better overview on Face

If a Model has got:
in the filename, then you should check the Bodygroup Tool and the Fingerposer for extra stuff

Original Model by Grasshopper Manufacture

SPECIAL THANKS to Squiddy for his patience and being super helpful!!




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Sorry for the Misleading Icon

Wow. For a dead guy, Elvis really let himself go. :v:

Haha, he looks even better than I expected.

nice job mask.

Where did you get the original model? And if you still have the original model and textures, would you mind posting them too?

Someone ripped a bunch of LC models a while ago, but didn’t they get Killabilly (or Lewis Legend, for that matter). I’d like to be able to rip stuff from the game myself, but my DVD drive doesn’t work with the Xbox ripper program thing.

oh shit it’s the final boss from Deadly Premonition

out of the game files. no rippping … extracting! it’s UE3. Umodel works just fine for me.
as for the original files, you can have them but keep in mind he’s got 162 joints so pretty useless for Gmod but should do fine for SFM though. had to remove a ton of joints to get it down to 126.

Well yeah, but before I can get to the point where I’d be using Umodel, I’d need to get the game files onto my computer, and due to the way Xbox game discs are formatted it’s not as simple as just putting the disc into the computer and copying them over.

well actually it is … with Xbox 360 ISO Extract (exiso).
works for every single game for me. never had a problem
with this tool.