Evo Rust [US East] - Server luanched 01/28/2014 - Limited Military Weapons/C4/Kevlar

Evo is a fun PVP server with no crafting of C4, kevlar or military weapons, they can still be looted but are rare. Ideally we want people running about with crude weapons, the way rust is supposed to be played!
Looking for a Rust server with only crude weapons?

We have Active admins that run fun events where your forced to fight to the death in custom built arenas!

The Evo server has:

no craft c4
no craft Military weapons
no craft kevlar
rare c4 drops
rare military drops
rare Kevlar drops
Door Sharing
Air Drops
50% Craft
Small Starter Kit

looking for a Rust server with no c4 craft, no kevlar craft and no military weapon crafts?

Then come play on Evo today and bring your rock!

You can easily join by pressing F1 and entering: net.connect

Our server has been wiped 2/214