EvoCity 3

The map that never dies is back. I have finally entered full production on EvoCity 3. This map has been in the works for some time. Now I finally have the plan together to really get started with construction. This new map will be more detailed and more organized than any other previous EvoCity map to date. This new city of cliffs is being built from the ground up. No more v55x_v4b1_p_x33 nonsense. Keep in mind all these screenshots are work in progress. I have mainly been working on the shopping area which is being pushed out of the downtown and into it’s own area. There will still be some shopping downtown but it will mainly be housing, nightclubs, and corporate type office towers. Just like the previous Evo’s the map will be divided into separate areas, suburbs, industrial, downtown etc. Farms will be added as well.

EvoCity will retain its focus on driving and realism. Elevators will hopefully be improved. Alternate methods of getting up tall buildings will be added this time in case of fire / elevator failure. I will also look into resets for elevators which will be in some sort of machine room.

I am going to be focusing a lot on custom content. My goal is to have at least 80% custom content in this map. The new KFC has 12 new models just on its own and I am still not done.

Planned shops and restaurants.

Taco Bell
The High Rise restaurant
2 gas stations probably different companies.
Shopping center with multiple shops some decorated some not. 8+ stores.
Ducky’s Ice Cream
Big Bill Hells used cars.
Farm supply shop.
Hardware Store
PC Store.
Target(I have designed it but don’t know if I will have space to add it.)
Grocery Store (not cub)
Usual staples minus gun shop.

More details coming soon for other sections.

Open to more ideas from you all.

The Government Center will be returning bigger and and better than ever before. My co-mapper is working on that once again.

Emergency services that are not in the government center are the hospital and fire station. These will be separate structures in other areas of the map.

MTL will be coming back. I will be basing it off of the one in v4b1 with some alterations. A few structures from EvoCity 2 will make a comeback. Mainly the suburbs houses which will be improved upon.

Now for the part most of you are waiting for… pictures.

Please post feedback,ideas,criticism. I like posts more than ratings.


I’ve been playing evocity iterations for years and this is the best looking one yet

really digging that hospital

More freight options please?

More industry buildings but spread out. Give me a purpose!


Looks fantastic

Oh baby.

Oh my god, stop being so perfect :suicide:

The suburbs and emergency services building look excellent.

evocity3_v995p_b4a2build5200_rc195_public will be the proper name im sure

Cool to see you’re onto the next big thing!

I am not sure about trains. If there is any rail system it will probably be some sort of light rail. I plan to spread the industry buildings out quite a bit. Kind of like how EvoCity2 was. Most other areas of the map will be in the basic zones as I mentioned. I am not sure what type of industries to add. I will try to make them all truck accessible. I do plan on adding loading docks to many buildings as well. That way there is places to pick up and drop off. MTL will still continue to act as a hub of sorts.

Any rec area/lake/pond planned?

You could add a layered map system. Make the trucks to go to a docks and then another docks on the other side, and a map below that with some factories.

Lots of custom content isn’t necessarily better. The biggest issue I had when releasing rockford was trying to upload it to the workshop. I had to split the content from the map itself to get it to upload. Use custom content but reuse elements in different areas to cut back on downloads

One thing that I personally dislike about your evoicty maps is the sloppy environment. Your brushwork is amazing and very detailed. I love it. However when it comes to the environment (lighting, fog, 3D skybox, etc) all your current maps lack in it. Evocity 2 was ok with the lighting but the HDR wasn’t toned right on it. Do you plan to focus more on that in this version?

I understand you need to keep optimization in mind. Both Rockford and Paralake use a simple yet effective way to optimize on top of areaportals, hints, etc. The FarZ is set lower (Rockford specifically 5,000 units) and there’s a lower quality version of the map in the 3D skybox so it doesn’t have that cut off appearance.

I’m looking forward to seeing the final product.


Please, make the roads longer to get to places if you can, love the map iterations over the years but it only takes me 10 seconds to drive around them

Statua, the issue at the time was our computers at the time evocity2 was released. I think the compile times where somewhere in the range of about a day to compile the entirety of the map with HDR. Ill let sgt verify that claim though.

This time around we both have better computers. Im certainly not running on my Athlon XP 2600 with a Radeon 9200/x1650 running off the AGP bus and 1536MB of DDR400SDRAM. Not sure what Sgts current build is like (i know its a bit dated and could use a little more oomph), but if the additional power is needed I may be able to supply.

Absolutely gorgeous looking. +1

Cant wait how sexy it will look with day and night!

Is there going to be an improved area around the industrial district(s)? I remember on EvoCity 2, there was a huge hill to the MTL area and it was impossible to have trucks get up it. Is this going to be existant in this, or will there be something else?

Looks gorgeous! I’m especially interested in the layout. Will it be more or like the same as the other evocity’s or will it have different (more) roads etc? Also i’ve always loved to see a circuling railroad around the map and maybe some water so you can actually use boats and trains, but I don’t know if you can fit it in.

Also this please, still in many and also beautiful maps no big trucks fit properly or get stuck in garages.