evocity all pink.

Hey Guys. My problem is that my rp_evocity_v2d is pink almost everywhere.The skybox is bugged. And its only in evocity its bugged. Here is some pics:





Construct is normal:


The problem came after i tabbed out of the game and then when i tried to get back into the game again i could’nt. I could see my desktop with my gmod resolution and i could hear my self walk around in gmod but i just could’nt see the gameplay.

Things ive tried:

1 - Deleted models and materials

2 - redownloaded evocity

3 - Deleted several of lua files ( i did that before i knew it was only in evocity )

Any clue?

Thank you,

My guess is that you don’t have either CS:S or EP2.

Buy them.

The pink texture is the texture for when you’re missing a texture.

i have cs:s and ive played the map before without the bug.

Try deleting the .bsp file, then download a new one and try that.


Oh, I didn’t read your post all the way…my fault. Rate me bad speller. Try cleaning out Gmod.


Rate me bad reader, not bad speller, you can give me boxes too for my fuck up…