Evocity Dolphins

Yes! Finally a video that makes use of the dolphin inflatables in evocity_v2d in the swimming place. I made these dolphins very easily by using a phx plate, welding them and adding thrusters to the invisble phx plate.

How brilliant

I loved it, 5 stars and a createive raiting…

But there is one thing, I think the thing should of been more orginised and not just have wales on thrusters

For some reason it reminded me of the 80’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Would it be 'cause of the music?

I say. Them are some tasty look dolphins.

Heh, it’s pretty nice but you really oughtta work on the cinematography. At very least, get rid of the HUD and use moving cameras or something - the jaggedness got to me after a while.


I have no idea.

Probably the fact that I edited it in Sony Vegas while also moving in camera tool.

should probably use a different recorder.
Wegame or fraps.
Xfire is a horrible for recording.

I like wegame, I hate fraps. I find Xfire quite good to be honest.

Wegame has higher quality though.

or you could learn source recorder or do the demo method.

and fraps dose suck.

Not excatly Jaws, is it?

well if we put the dolphin trainer in the water maybe it can become the next jaws.

I loved it,and it’s very Interesting .Inflatable Kids Toys

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should probably use a different recorder.I know Double Tube Boat