Evocity, doors cause server lag

Hi, I could not find anything online about this so I would really appreciate if anyone could help with this, it seems to be a specific bug with this map. I’m working on a gmod server using evocity v2p and the T1, M2 and M1 doors [the ones that open sideways pictued below at the truckstop] cause our server tickrate to drop from 66 to 1-2, tickrate is stable before and its only when these doors are opened that the tickrate tanks and everyone on the server lags, the door open animation lags. We have reproduced this bug multiple times but cannot seem to work out why it is happening as there are no errors. I don’t think its our servers specs causing the issue which you can see below.

These are the doors that are lagging the server

We are running on a dedicated machine, here’s is specs[dxdiag].


I use this map on one of my servers with no issues at all.
Try trouble shoot stuff by disabling all addons ect.

Even if the problem was the map, the most you could do with Lua is remove the doors of they were entities. You can’t fix map unoptimisations and leaks in Lua

The specs mean completely nothing tbh because source is still only single core

I enabled multithreading though. Also I posted them mainly because people are usually like “stop running on potato then” when you don’t post specs.

Get a better CPU, 1 4ghz core is better than 40 2.3ghz ones.