Evocity Idol

A while ago I was playing in an Rp server and they were hosting a singing competition when I realized this guy was better than expected, I started recording and posted it to
youtube for people to see and watch. Everyone thought he was great. Not sure what song he is singing though.

Yes, it is really him. Yes, there are more videos of him on youtube (type Mister Tickles tf2 or just Mister Tickles)

His voice might not seem as great from the microphone and the music playing all together, but you can tell he is good.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLnR4tPsUPE&feature=related Watch in 720p (HD) to see the chat clearly.

I thought he was pretty good, but tell me what you think.

Well that is something I’ve never seen before. That looks like a fun server also.

Looks like a fun server indeed.

HA! Thats great. That guy does sing that bad. I did this on a server before and it resulted of little kids singing immature made up songs where they’d laugh at their own jokes.

It was a fun server, but the community died.

Dont know how the guy sings horribly, He should make his own type of series