EvoCity Radio 99.33 - A Gmod Radio Project (No 3 Second shit.)


 I am not a native English speaker, so please do not blame me for my bad english. 

Hello Guys,

I was thinking long time about starting a such project, because I am not sure if it’s worth it. We are running a small private radio for our server for some month now. It was always just a WinAmp Playlist. I was always a bit into the radio scene, and that’s how i started broadcasting again. People loved it.

Well… that’s how I started EvoCity radio. The name. Well… I tought about calling it Gmod Radio, but there are reasons to not call it like that:

  • It’s a lame name
  • It’s bad to speak it in jingles
  • Idealess

EvoCity is a known Gmod Map, and I think the name was just perfect. The 99.33 - i thought a long time about that. I think it just sounds better with a frequency :wink:

The Website. It’s not meant to be a community (yet). Also it is not fully done yet, and it is not public. The whole thing isn’t really public yet.


(Feedback please.)
On the site you can request music when no dj is on air, the bot will play it automatically. When a Dj is on air, where will be a wish&greet box. Also you find a dj schedule their, where you can see when your favorite dj is on air.

The Music. Every public genre (Rock, Pop, Techno and so on) will be played. The bot automatically does mixed play-list, Dj’s mostly play 1 genre. Actually the playlist is on air most of the time, due the page and radio is not public yet, it’s hard to find djs. (Intrested? Contact me :wink: )
News are coming every Hour, Tech News all 5 Hours. I think 5 Minutes news are ok, even if it’s a radio for a game. I think everyone should stay up-to-date what’s going on. I wish I could bring up something like playing Gmod News (Idea, but can’t realize it yet). Also we paid the fees for 3 Month radio license now. This means we will definitively try it out :wink:

I hope I can get some community input here. What you want? What can we do to make you listen to the radio? Would you include a Gmod radio into your server?

EvoCity Radio Team

ps. thanks to dlaor for the logo!

Needs more Metal.

Ah, this sounds good. Interested to know if any DJ’s will actually listen if I request a classical or early jazz song.

No metal or punk rock bullshit. Jazz would be great from whatever time period. If you need a DJ then pm me and i’ll send you an email.

Just because you don’t like metal doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be any.

Needs more rap =3

Hello Guys,
as we said: various genres.
This includes the full bandwith.
Also, Dj’s will put your name into the schedule, so you know when you have to turn off (or on) the radio :wink:

Wow this looks nice! Good work. Shall definatly look into this :smiley:

Joomla website?

Just do a requests hour/ two hours or something, that way you can have a automated program control the music while there are no DJs.

I tuned into 99.33 FM and it was a talk show.


But nice try.
Yes, actually we are using joomla. GreetBox is now included too (not fully working yet).

Oh god… I was at that party this saturday…


New Screenshort (not fully done yet)


Absolutely not. Don’t ruin a good station by adding that pathetic stuff to it. Unless it’s 70’s\80’s rap. Then its ok

I’d like to see some rock music. Doesn’t need to be metal or anything, nothing much heavier than Disturbed really; thats what i like to listen to.

The Ink Spots. all their music has passed into the public domain, so download away!