Evolution of a soldiers armor - 1944 to 2050. [Bonus]


Saw the Woodland power armor and got this idea.

Bonus- Hitler and his wife chilling in hell.


That posing is really kinda wonky. I would work on this more. The concept is ok, it’s just the posing is ugly

On which? The bonus was just shits and giggles when I found the nazi zombie.

you should include one from year 1500

No flaming yet?

Back in 07, if I posted this, oh lawdy.

I was thinking of adding a revolutionary war model, but I couldn’t find a decent one that’s not a bunch of blocks.

Does that mean he stole your picture?

No it means Facepunch was alot more Facist back when I joined.

I get it now rate me bad reading.
Well if you arent nice to those kind of poses you are a troll.

This could of really been executed differently.

This could have been interesting if you did three different action poses, perhaps with a character getting hit by a rifle round in each and the effects it would have, or something like that.

Hmm…That’s a good idea actually. Off to Gmod!


Like this Chesty?





^ Muzzleflash is really weird, like it’s pointing to a different angle than the gun is pointing

You need some Photoshop skills, and posing skills.

Also, max out your game ffs.

I think my posing is alright and it’s well known I’m a shit editor and everything is maxed out as high as it can possibly go.

My posing is borderline, “alright” and I think they’re damn good.

Trust me, you need to work on your posing. This is advice, so don’t deny it.

Then again, I’m an old Facist from 2007.

I’m not. My posing is a little wonky since I haven’t been able to touch Gmod for a month and that I just got a new set up, although those may be excuses, I’m better at funny poses then serious ones.

You made it worse using my idea.

You HAVE to work on your posing. Stop denying it.

i won’t comment on the posing as that has been beaten to hell, I just think the idea could have been executed better, the FO3 armor doesn’t fit due to it being a very 60’s style armor and not looking very futuristic. I like the idea though…