Evolution of Patterns + Tutorial

I love how gmod handles physics and I love goofing off! And in a game made for goofing off I spend most of my time testing how exactly the physics work. Mostly just by screwing around and doing something, then seeing what happens.

Messing around with simple elastics is one of my favorite things to do! I have made some videos on what kind of patterns elastics can make. Complete with a simple tutorial.

Be sure to watch in full HD for best quality!

Part 1

Tutorial + Part 2

It’s not your normal “contraption” but us contraption people see gmod in a completely different way than say gamemode or machinima and other people see it. We see it as a way to mess around like a child playing with marbles.

Also on a request I made a Gmod animated background of the videos. It doesn’t use any extra resources loading because it’s just a .vtf file.


http://www.mediafire.com/?xeye2f6lahfcmvd You can download it here with instructions inside.

wow that blew my mind .

no trolling intended .

i havent seen the tutorial yet, so whatever you used as like ropes or w/e you should change the width to 0 .

Very well done, I like.

that’s pretty awesome

wow this is so much cooler than the normal stuff we have on here. this isn’t a contraption: this is art

Oh wow, I was tripping out watching those

Wicked amazing. I don’t think I can comprehend what you’ll find next.

This is simplicity at its finest. Forget Wiremod, this is amazing.

who the hell is going around the forums rating every post dumb

This should be in the videos section, this is art! Wonderful choice of music as well.

its a ratings glitch, its happening in all threads

ah kk

Wow that’s quite impressive. I like it :smiley:

No a glitch, Garry made a script that does it via Ticker

About vid:
**I LOVE IT! **
I would really like a dupe, but first going to do it myself (Well, Maybe I fail)

Thats fucking epic.

Amazing, the most original thing I’ve seen in here in a while.

mind = blown.

fucking garry


After watch the tut, it looks like what I made with adball and ropes xC

It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in Gmod.

whoa it could be like a distraction mechanism for getaways =O I’m sorry I can’t stop staring

Stole my comment >:C


Best contraption I have ever seen for garrys mod!