Evolution of Patterns + Tutorial

I love how gmod handles physics and in a game made for goofing off I spend most of my time testing how exactly the physics work. Mostly just by screwing around and doing something, then seeing what happens.

I like to think about it like a child playing with marbles.

I have made some videos on what kind of patterns elastics can make. Showing the starting stages and then the different patterns they make when left alone. Complete with a simple tutorial.

Fullscreen it if you can!

Evolutions of Patterns #1

Evolutions of Patterns #2 + a Tutorial

Watch the last half of #2 if you’re short on time.

Also on a request I made a Gmod animated background of the videos. It doesn’t use any extra resources loading because it’s just a .vtf file.


http://www.mediafire.com/?xeye2f6lahfcmvd You can download it here with instructions inside.

That was just amazing. I enjoyed watching every minute of it. And your tutorial was very good and easy to follow. Keep up the good work.

That was beautiful and blew my mind.
Have an artistic.

It was okay, But incredibly easy to do, Even without that tutorial.

Very sexy. Been showing it off on my fav server. (With credit to you! =p)

I always love watching these types of things… Simplistic Physics, Amazing Beauty.