Evolution of patterns

A friend of mine showed this to me. This guy made these pretty nice patterns in the guy with just a bunch of tools, and mind you, very beautiful patterns.

The guy who made it also posted a tutorial on how to do it.


Amazing and really beautiful.

Just amazing, I would certainly download that and sit and stair at it for hours

Simplicity at best.

Whoa, It’s better than Pyroteknix.

Wasn’t this posted before?

I don’t know, but look at the video views. That’s not a lot.

that is so amazing.

I’m gonna start using those as flares (people ignore the chat box, but not giant spinning lights)

Pyroteknix is not even a mere atom compared to this.


Infact, Pyroteknix was a terrible, terrible waste of time for me.

This is all I do on single player if I ever even get on. Nothing beats fucking with the effects.

Building is dead to me.

This was already posted in the contraptions section.

I just modified a ship I made to explode into one of these.

little weird having giant Spacebuild props fly around each other, but it was still cool

Wow, very incredible.