Evolve Admin mod "Double chat text" PROBLEM

Hi, I have a problem with my server. Im running “Evolve Admin Mod” on it
and when i type in chat i get this double text (Picture linked with)

If anyone can and what to help me you can always contact me at steam.

Username: Kenove94

Q: How can i fix this or remove it.


Its to do with the chat tags. Remove them and try it,

No. Don’t do what Who said. With your chat tags go to where they have a hook called “OnPlayerChat” and do the following.

[lua] return true[/lua]

At the bottom of it.

Chat tags are part of evolve, so disable them through the menu or remove the plugin file.

Where is that file located?

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I dont want to “disable” chat tags. I just want to remove my double typing in the chat box when i type.

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Guys i figured it out, thanks to the tip of “Chat Tags” I disabled it then it workd!
Thanks for the help guys!