Evolve Mod help please

Im having a query with Evolve Mod, is there a way to set the mod to not echo the commands?
So it doesn’t say “user did this” or “user gave everyone a weapon” etc etc.

you would have to edit the individual plugin files and remove any evolve.Notify lines.
Now you could probably edit the framework to have Notify do nothing but I wouldn’t want to touch that.

thanks for the help, ill take a look.

Bye default in Evolve you use !command to do stuff, however if you use @command it does not display the “admin” done this to “player” stuff.

@ is the default key for the silent command usage.
However if you do use sourcemod on your server then it just sends it as a message to Admins.

You can change the key by going to lua\ev_plugins & editing the file sv_chatcommands.lua
look for the line that says
evolve.SilentNotify = string.Left( msg, 1 ) == “@”
and change the @ to another key i.e say you wanted to use #, you would change that line to say
evolve.SilentNotify = string.Left( msg, 1 ) == “#”

So from now on if you use !command if will display the command that was run, but if you use #command it will run the command but no information will be displayed about an Admin running any commands.