Evolve Mod MOTD

Hey I’m trying to get the Evolve MOTD for my Dedicated Server (Yes i have Evolve.) I want to download the one by Dirvan at this link, http://evolve.overvprojects.nl/index.php?page=plugins Only problem is, when i click the Download button…it takes me to a text filled page. First Question: How do i download it? I tried SVN, but it didnt work :/. Second Question: Does anyone have it? and if so, does it work? Question 3: He says
“To use it, create a text file in your server’s data folder called evolvemotd.txt containing the HTML.” What does tht Mean? Question 4: If i put it in my singleplayer gmod/gmod/data folder, will it still display the MOTD to other people on my dedicated server? or will i have to put it in my SRCDS folder?

I’m not a noob at Gmod addon installation, but every once in a while i come accros something like this tht confuzzles the shit outta me. Help :?




it Works for me

hmm…could you be more specific? -_- “Use SVN” doesn’t tell me anything at all. what do i use it on? what folders besides Evolvemod.txt do i make?

Read the readme.

If there aren’t one, look in the thread.

ok? what readme? I dont even Know what SVN to use

Problem solved :smiley:

you don’t install it silly, you have to go to: addons/beta/lua/ev_plugins/ and open one of the .lua files with notepad and paste the text in the “download” at the end.

Adding a plugin into evolve is pretty if you know what your doing.

Lets say for example you want a motd in evolve. First thing you do you go to the evolve plugin site. http://evolve.overvprojects.nl/index.php?page=plugins

You press the download button of the plugin in this case the motd plugin.
Then you will see the plugins code what you do you open notepad. Paste it in there. Then save it as sh_motd.lua (with other plugins just name it sh_(pluginname).lua). Save it in your addons/evolve/lua/ev_plugins folder.
Next time you run your server you see a motd.

And thats how you instal a evolve plugins, or atleast how i do it.

ty for making my life easier. MacTrekkie, Most unhelpfull post yet -_-

You’re welcome.

Ok x-x, i did exactly what you said, but am i supposed to do it again? for tht, i put the sh_Motd.lua text at orangebox/garrysmod/addons/evolve/lua/plugins. should i also put it in Steamusername/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons/evolve/lua/plugins? because it didnt show up when in orangebox :confused:

The orangebox is for your server. The one with your username is your client. And for the motd you need to make a html code in your data folder called evolvemotd.txt one thing its a txt file with a html code.

i already did that. i put the HTML, in evolvemotd.txt, and i copyd the whole page from the link, put it in a notepad, and saved it as sh_motd.lua in the plugins folder

what do you mean by the html?? do i need to add the copy past my link or add a html link this way <a src=“website”> </a>

@Peachy, Get your own thread you shit.

@OP You could DL the lua file by right clicking on ‘Download’ then Save Target As
Then, paste it into ev_Plugins
THEN, Create a new TEXT file in root/data called evolvemotd.
Finally, In the file paste your HTML Code for the MOTD

(e.g. <h1>Penis Cake Rape</h1>)