Evolve-Mod scoreboard fix?

Hello, I’m was using Evolve-Mod for my TTT server but it messes the scoreboard, You get no errors in console it just doesn’t show “Missing in action or confirmed dead etc.” I’ve tried removing all the scoreboard files from evolve but it still makes it bugged. If anyone can help would be great cheers, I will post images soon.

Use a different admin mod perhaps, try Assmod or ULX?

I use ULX, But Evolve is so much easier to use commands etc.

Hey I found this thread searching and I have the exact same problem. It’s really important for us that we use Evolve. I’ve also tried removing anything scoreboard related I could find to no avail.

I could really do with a hand on this, such a good admin mod and it’s bugging me that the TTT scoreboard wipes dead players off completely till next round.

Any help much appreciated, thanks in advance <3

Oh god I forgot that I posted this all that time ago, but I actually have the same problem again… does anyone know why this might be happening - I can’t remember how I fixed it last time >.>

Pretty sure the Scoreboard that comes with Evolve is for Sandbox only

It happens in general, with the scoreboard stuff removed - I can’t seem to find the conflicting code