Evolve Models, help needed!

I would really love if someone could rip the models from Evolve, I can port them myself, the only problem being I cannot rip models. So if anyone would like to help me on my quest to port evolve models into SDK, hit me up on Facepunch or Steam.

Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/SlightlySkilled

Thank you in beforehand!

Pretty sure the guys at Xentax were working on a reader for the pack, since it runs on the CryEngine. Neither GPA or Ninja Ripper (which is because its x86, not x64) locked onto the alpha or beta for me when I was trying the game out.

Why are you even asking about this?!


  1. What’s with the attitude?

  2. What’s your point? Hyrule Warriors wasn’t even out for a week before people started looking into ripping from the game, and look at the progress that’s been made since then for Hyrule Warriors content. Not to mention, but this game also had a semi-closed beta not that long before its final release, so it could very well have already been looked into for model ripping/extraction prior to this thread.

If the game runs on one of the CryEngine builds, some of the tools we have out now for extracting files from other games that run on the CryEngine might be able to work with Evolve’s files in theory. Assuming there’s enough interest, it shouldn’t take too long to get something that we can work with to extract the files directly.

right now they can’t figure out how to encrypt the game’s pak files

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Think you mean decrypt, lol. The key <hahaha> thing is that there’s an encryption key that needs to be patched into the decryption program, and that’s where most people are having trouble at.

From this topic http://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=9818&start=15:

>They keys (there’s 16 of them) and IV are the PAK. But they’re RSA encrypted with a fixed key (found inside the exe).

>As said Aluigi, author of quickbms, encryption key was stored in CrySystem.dll

I don’t own the game, but if anyone gets that key and the pakdecrypt source code, I could recompile and we might be somewhere.

I’ve tried recompiling the existing pak tool for crysis 3 using the keys by ekey in the first public beta release but no luck. I’m not too interested in this game so have to see what someone else comes up with.

It’s located inside Static Launcher for Evolve.

sub_14031064C in StaticLauncher64.exe

signature scan for that location is this ->

CodeSig: \x41\x51\x8B\x0C\x24\x41\x59\x41\x8B\xC1\x45\x8D\x92\x00\x00\x00\x00\xC1\xE1\x04\xC1\xE8\x05\x81\xE9\x00\x00\x00\x00\x05\x00\x00\x00\x00\x33\xC8\x43\x8D\x04\x0A\x33\xC8\x44\x03\xC1\x41\x8B\xC8\x41\x50\x8B\x04\x24\x41\x58\xC1\xE9\x05\xC1\xE0\x04\x81\xC1\x00\x00\x00\x00\x05\x00\x00\x00\x00\x33\xC8\x43\x8D\x04\x02\x33\xC8\x44\x03\xC9\x41\xFF\xCB\x0F\x85\x00\x00\x00\x00\xE9\x00\x00\x00\x00 xxxxxxxxxxxxx????xxxxxxxx????x????xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx????x????xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx????x????

Not sure if this would help, but I found this in the Crytek documentation. It seems rather recent, so the tech might have been used in evolve:


Im not sure how useful this is, but hey, its there.

Is there any chance that if these models are ripped we could have blend files?

I really hope people are going to do the monsters and wildlife and not just the hunters.

could someone please PM me the release version executable “StaticLauncher64.exe”

I’m hoping for Props and whatnot as well, foliage, textures, the works.

ty for exe people :slight_smile: lets see what i can do



Credits to Sir Kane for ciphering the encryption. Encryption key inside the retail EXE (there are 2 in there)

If you know what ur doing


If you don’t pm me for encryption key

http://sktest.aruarose.com/PakDecrypt_Evolve.7z (< tool by Sir Kane)

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Textures are DDS modified


Models are modified too (not even sure if i should bother but its an easy format)

You sir, deserve a medal!

PM’ed - I think, sent folder is empty :expressionless:

So, any luck with the models? What is the difference between .skin and .skinm formats? Does .skinm contain animations?

skinm contains the geometry i started working on the format a few days ago…

Blessid the cra0kalo

Any updates?

If skinm conains geometry, than what about skin format? In Crysis 3 .skin was the format that contains geometry, it had to be renamed to .cgf and then opened in Noesis with properly plugin installed. It of course didn’t work on Evolve, but there may be some correlations within it.

Will u rip the monsters too? would be great to see the Kraken Goilath and Wraith :smiley: