Evolve; No Download link. {Been searching for a while}

Hello their.

This is a bit of a n00by question.

Recently I have been trying to get the Evolve mod for my GMod server, but I have not been able to find the download for evolve.

There are two main places I have looked (Don’t worry, I have been searching google for a while, and apart from a cracked steam result nothing), http://code.google.com/p/evolvemod/#Official_website: and http://code.google.com/p/gmod13evolvemod/ .

On the first link the google project says that the official website it at another link (“Official website: http://evolve.overvprojects.nl/”) which upon me going to does not load, it leaves chrome with a message telling me I nothing came up. On the second link there are some other tabs, the “Downloads” and “Wiki” tab have no pages and the “Issues” and “Sources” pages have some stuff on them (Bugs in the game and Source code bits).

So I can’t find the download for Evolve, on garrysmod.org the only plugins related to Evolve have comments claiming that the plugin is out of date and not working, could anyone give me a link please?

I am really sorry if it is something I am missing (I have seen some stuff about an SVN client needed, but I have no idea what it is or where to get one), also thanks in advance if anyone can help me.


I’m assuming evolve is still completely outdated. Evolve was still in development even in gmod12 and was never completely finalized if I remember correctly. They probably took off the SVN link because it just doesn’t work at all, but I could be wrong

Ok, thanks but it does say in the Evolve header “A mod for Garrys Mod 13”.


I’ve got a working version I use it on my TTT and DarkRP servers.

I’m pretty sure Evolve is in the workshop now, try looking there?

Steam Workshop?

I will try looking their, I thought that it was for in-game mods, I am using SRCDS (Just to say).

RockstarC, where did you get your copy from?




There is no item with the name “Evolve” on the steam workshop :S

Just uploaded mine, Got a few errors but I’m sure you can fix them.


Thanks! This will be very handy for me, I couldn’t find a copy!


this guy redid the whole code for GM13… works like a charm. Even comes with the plugins.

Swtch There’s no download, that was one of the pages I looked at :stuck_out_tongue:


So to my point, they are probably still working on it. Rockstar has a “working” version with bugs, but frankly I would wait until they update Evolve themselves. Using other people’s “tinkered” work arounds on other peoples code is looked down upon quite a lot (look at all the workshop arguments).

Also, you don’t need to sign your posts Joe :stuck_out_tongue: in fact my first ban was from doing so. I don’t recommend it :eng101:

The orginal coder of evolve declared the project dead but someone picked it up and it was supposed to be at evolve-mod.net
evolve-mod.net was wokring several weeks ago. I don;t know what happened to it. Maybe the project is dead once again.

With the tinkering code I agree, but in this case it’s all I could find, and it works fine right now (Thanks Rockstar). As soon as I an it is in my nature to update whatever program I may be using, so as soon as I find a newer Evolve version I will go for it!

~Joe (Just kidding :P)

Here’s the latest version from evolve-mod.net: Evolve.zip

I wouldn’t really use evolve.
A buddy of mine with a server used to have it, it made his server have visual issues.
e.g Scoreboard starting to fuck up.
After he removed it all was working fine again.

Revision 179 did that, if I remember right. But we are far from that revision now…

I’m very annoyed that it was yanked off of the workshop and that their website slowly appears to be falling apart. Still, their SVN is up and running if you want it as a legacy addon: https://gmod-13-evolve.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/
It’s still working for me. I wish they would give a reason for the sudden removal.
EDIT: Here is the steam profile of the guy who lead the “rebirth” of this mod after it was initially abandoned.

I’ve moved back to ULX and ULIB Because when I use this my scoreboard messes up.

Being not the best at lua I may be wrong but in that version there is a backdoor on line 493 in the ev_framework.lua or at least I’m fairly sure his steamID doesn’t need to be there for this to work.

I’m using ASSmod right now, I found an updated version of it for GMOD and it’s a real simple admin plugin.