Evolve Question

Can’t seem to make any sense of which function I need to use to silently set a players rank, it’s used in a way that syncs the rank therefore it will happen every time the player joins.

Any help?

Bump. I just changed to ULX because this was getting really annoying. It would put my steamid up everytime I did something

I’m not sure about this. It’s fast so I think it will work.
evolve.SilentNotify = true
RunConsoleCommand(“ev”, “rank”, player, rank)
evolve.SilentNotify = false

Sorry, functions; not console commands. There are loads, like transfer rank, set rank, update rank. But I can’t tell which one to use.

Oh if you really need to use a function then you can do it this way
[lua]Player:SetProperty(“Rank”, rank)[/lua]
[lua]evolve:SetProperty(player_unique_id, “Rank”, rank)[/lua]

So that method won’t try and save it every time, does it network it properly?