Evolve & ULX Together?

is it possible? if so how?

this guy here says hes using both

what i want to know is how i need to configure it
i would prefer to use ULX bans, but i want to use evolve to blacklist props

That would be hard. I just suggest getting the player info plugin for evolve.

Most people don’t realise you can ban with steam ID

its not the steam id bit i want its the autofill on console i like

Use FPP to blacklist props.

it’s possible.

the only trouble you may run into is having to add people to both the group in ulx and the rank in evolve.
I think the basic levels like guest, admin, superadmin carry over but if you create your own groups/rank then you have to make sure you add then to both.

Not really a big deal but more of an annoyance.
Also, evolve will take over the chat commands so if you !ban someone in chat then it will go through evolve rather then ulx. So any commands in chat you want to run specifically in ulx you will have to go into the plugins folder of evolve and remove that plugin.

Using 2 admin mods isn’t recommended they’ll end up breaking and causing errors, you’re best off using FPP or something like that

Hmm, why not? I’m using EV+ULX as a base for my own, no conflicts and other crap.