Evolve Unban

As written on overvprojects.nl evolve was able to be a standalone admin mod.
Still noone is able to unban, there isnt any button/command for it so could someone make that?

unban is quite important ^^

Maybe if you read the site, you’d realize it’s unfinished as of now.

Check out your config/banned_users.cfg and remove the wanted SteamID.

Did I say it was finished? I only said it should be able to be a standalone admin mod :v:

It is a standalone admin mod. It is unfinished. Use another mod until it is finished. Don’t be stupid.

He’s looking for us to add one, not explain to him why there isn’t one.

Yes, frankly İ kinda forgot about unbanning, while planning all the other jazz. İ’ll be back from Turkey in 2 days and then İ’ll finish the unban feature.