Evolved Roleplay 2 - Eww Roleplay!


About The Gamemode?:

Coded by mainly Gambit, and a little bit me!

Evolved Roleplay which had been originally created by Gambit re-done.
It is a gamemode which will try and recreate a similar experience to PERP and OCRP. A good semi serious role-playing environment.
As like most other roleplay gamemodes, you will be presented with a character creation screen when you join the game and you will then be able to roleplay as certain jobs, which will be listed below.
The gamemode will try and be a place where people can roleplay in a semi serious manor with minimal amount of rulebreakers that we can get.

The majority of the server side code is done, it is more or less just getting any of the UI / VGUI done.

In the gamemode you will be based in Evocity v4b1, here you can be a variety of jobs:

Police - Patrol the streets and ensure the safety of the citizens around you.
S.W.A.T - Attend any arms related arrests or gun fights going on in the area, protect the cops with their small guns!
Firemen - Keep the city on its feet by putting out any fires that are around, also help people out who are stuck in their homes!
Paramedic - Fix the citizens who’s health may have been depleted by any means, try and bring those from the dead back to life using your advanced skill-sets!
Hey!, we don’t all want to be good people so we won’t mind if you want to plan some bank robberys with your friends or become a drug lord!

We are aware there is a lack of jobs, we are looking into jobs that will have a purpose and that will be fun to play as. We are trying to avoid this gamemode having any pointless jobs etc.

I have plans for bank robbery’s to be very similar to how payday 2 has theirs, in stages and so it takes a little while to do however they will pay off well.
As for the paramedic if someone is in a critical position they will need to be loaded into the ambulance and taken to hospital for further attention, considering they can pay their health bills.




More Media Coming Soon!


Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/EvolvedRolePlay2
Website (Not Ready): http://evolvedroleplay.co.uk/
Issue Tracker: https://bitbucket.org/GamerGambit/evolved-roleplay-2/issues?status=new&status=open

Support Us:

If you would like to support the development of this gamemode then all we ask is that you try and get the word around that the gamemode is going to be on its way. The gamemode will only be developed as long as people are interested in it.

Your idea’s and suggestions are always thought of, so please if you have any tell us on this thread!

Hey its this guy, you sold me broken code back in 2013 when I was a retarded kid.

Nice job on the game mode so far, looks good!

Yeah i was a retarded kid too( but outsmarted you! ), the main part of this code is by Gambit, i am mainly the guy doing UI.

Hope you forgive me :frowning:

Thanks you!

is the shorthand ERP? :downs:
seriously tho, nice work so far

Awesome! I loved the origninal Evolved Roleplay, however due to it being out of development I kinda gave up on the idea of using it.

This looks great, thanks G4MB!T and AIX for doing a great job, I hope this goes far.

Sorry if I missed something, but is this going to be a private gamemode or public?

Thanks for the positive feedback so far guys.

@CoachConners the gamemode will be privately hosted for a short amount of time and then it will be later released for public use.

Thanks. We havent really done any work on it for a few weeks so its due for an update and everything.

Yes, the shorthand is ERP which actually wasnt supposed to be a take on PERP or anything, it just turned out that way. I’m not too creative, especially with names, so I basically just slapped “evolved” to the front of role play to try and make it sound better.

How about giving him the money back?

Yeah i suppose i really should, add me on steam Stalker and i will sort it out with you.

Lol I’m not mad at all, you taught me a valuable lesson that could’ve gone much worse xD

If you want we can still work something out, be it financial or a script worth however many $$ i rekt you for

You need to add more screens mate and some more info. You should have just waited until you had worked on the gamemode a bit longer. There is a lack of content.

Other than that I like the simple font and design. Only problem is that on your website you took the screenshot with missing textures in the background XD

Yep, so far you only show a crappy banner (missing textures) and a HUD.

Yeah, i will try and fix all that later today. I mainly posted the thread as it felt kind of pointless working on something that no one had any interest in, or knew it existed.

But there is no point in presenting a gamemode with nothing to it either. Better off releasing it after completion

Why don’t you finish the basewars before creating a gamemode?

A little ironic your calling it evolved when you’re gamemode is essentially perp / seowrp.

The name is something that is easily editable, and i thing it is better than just calling it Roleplay.

Basewars will be finished when i feel like working on it ( Dont have the motivation at the minute )

I see your point but it isnt completely ironic. Conceptually its more or less the same but we are aiming for a more modular, more customizable gamemode than PERP and whatever seowrp is. As for the name, its unoriginal sure but its also not tied to any community in particular (Like DarkRP) and since the gamemode is not yet released I didnt care too much about the name.

The irony in this post.