Evolvemod or NewAdmin Color

Hallo Gibt Es für Newadmin oder Evolvemod Team Colors ?
für jeden rang eine bestimmte color als immer das gelb ?

Sry for my bad Englisch
Hello Is it for Newadmin or Evolvemod Team Colors?
for each struggled for a certain color as always yellow?


Bad English? That isn’t even in English.

herunterladen url für die mod bitte

Da bitte

Evolve and NewAdmin don’t have team colors, but I have made a plugin for Evolve which adds colors. But since I made it, Evolve has been updated slightly so that some of the functions my plugin uses has become obsolete.
I am going to make a better one and release it as Overv releases Evolve, if he doesn’t want to make colors himself.

ok I got your plugin but this is not a xD ^ ^ what do I have to change everything because for me always says

ev_plugins/sh_chatranks.lua:79: attempt to call method ‘registerPlugin’ (a nil value)
ev_plugins/sh_jump.lua:49: attempt to call method ‘registerPlugin’ (a nil value)
ev_plugins/sh_send.lua:39: attempt to call method ‘registerPlugin’ (a nil value)
ev_plugins/sh_speed.lua:50: attempt to call method ‘registerPlugin’ (a nil value)
ev_plugins/sh_teams.lua:94: attempt to call method ‘registerPlugin’ (a nil value)
ev_framework.lua:91: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value


That is because Overv changed them.
When I get home in a couple of hours I’ll fix them.

cool thx^^

Instead of fixing the one I already had, I decided to make a new one from scratch, but this one is a lot simpler and more basic. Later I will try to make one where you can change the colors of the teams in-game… but in this simple one you can’t. If you want to change the team colors or names you have to manually edit the code in the lua file.

Download the SVN link again and get the one in the new folder called “teams - simple version”
(If anyone else is looking, the SVN link is on my SVN Tutorial: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324 )

Thx ^^