EVORP Gamemode

Updated: September 24 2016

Here, you may download the gamemode made by Int64. Int made if off the Cider gamemode made by •••••••• once it got outdated by Gmod13.
Though it resembles ••••••••'s gamemode a lot, Int used components from Lexi’s gamemode Applejack. Int then ran the gamemode for about 3 years.
I was moderator on EVORP before it died out, and had about 900 hours. Obviously, I loved the gamemode. So, I then fixed EVORP once it quit working.
I simply used some older components from ••••••••'s Cider to fix a database timing issue.

I am now releasing it publicly for all to use as they wish.

You can download the gamemode here:

Support: http://forums.4lategaming.net/index.php?help/download/

If you downloaded this gamemode within the past 5 days of this being posted, re-download it. I had to add some content
install mysqloo

You should probably use github and upload the content. This just looks like a bunch of already public things modified.
It also contains ModernMOTD? I don’t believe you have the right to have that in there as it is a sold script on scriptfodder.

Int64 did use ModernMOTD, but a heavily modified version of it (you can’t really use it on any other gamemode and not expect errors), which the gamemode requires to function properly. If that still isn’t allowed, just tell me. Also, I’ll work on the github thing if that is okay.

That wouldn’t be up to me to decide if it is right or wrong, I would ask the creator of the addon.

Added a GitHub and removed the Menu for the gamemode until further notice.

Sorry to bring it to you, but the SpeedOMeter is also Payware.

And then the Chat logger is “Garry’s Log - Advanced Logging / PHP/MySQL/Lua”.
Now it’s getting quite complex. The original dev sold it on Coderhire and your version is from there. On the other hand, he later sold it for a while on scriptfodder and then released it publicly for free https://github.com/xcpep/Garrys-Log as seen here: https://scriptfodder.com/scripts/view/344

i would recommend to update it to the current free version, so you don’t run into problems.

Okay, I will take a look into this, thank you for the heads up. I greatly appreciate it!

So, I’m assuming your getting errors with this gamemode. But surly this is the most recent and fixed version.

This is the most recent version, if you want to say it like that. This is the version of the gamemode that was last running before EvoRP died. Which in fact, was working.

Yes i remember playing!

Hello could you please pm me the removed link.
I’m really interested up developping gamemode like take I need to inspect it.Thank you.


Do a direct link, so people don’t have to sign up on this site, easier. Pretty sure no one will want to…

updated main post, check it out.

Having a little play with this.


  • Ingame chat isn’t working properly between players.
  • Trying to find the command to spawn a car dealer.
  • Exstro isn’t saving data.

Can you elaborate on the chat issue? Any console errors?

There is no car dealer NPC, players can buy cars anywhere, any time in the F1 menu.

For the Exsto issue, try putting a fresh Exsto data folder or just swap to ULX.

Spoke to him privately and I believe I fixed his “issues”.
In order for chat to work, you must set up the “chat_logger” addon properly. Put the logs.sql and the evorp.sql into 2 separate databases and use the logs.sql for chat_logger.

As stated, there is no car dealer.

Exsto doesn’t save admin ranks. Admin ranks are done through the gamemode’s database. Just vist the support page for more information!

when I spawn I spawn dead D;

Out of topic kind of but who was the owner of EVORP in 2009?

I played alot on that server back in the days, I did not even care about the server crashing 24/7 and me wasting money on drug labs/money printers.

i donated several times and even donated the very last dollars that was in my possession

I do remember lexi with his fancy avatar (of himself) with a pink mexican fluffy hat or something

The server died and the economy got updated(my in-game money was not worth nothing anymore)

I miss it, I made several friends on that server

Im downloading the gamemode, gotta see if it’s still the same.

When i spawn in i get all of these errors,


Then i spawn like this every time i join.


Any attempt to fix or help will be greatful. <3