Example Holo

This is for people who want a head start on learning e2 mostly on holo’s. It’s just a basics on making a holo and making it follow your aim and yourself. Hope you like this and enjoy

WARNING: This file has been reported! It may be dangerous! Download at your own risk!

It seems to have been reported. :colbert:

yes I know it does this to most people I promise it wont hurt I even got my friend to download it just incase

I dunno guys, for his first file, and he registered five months ago, this looks legit.

It was reported because its a .zip inside a .zip.

Besides im not making you download it im just trying to help people who are not understanding things like e2 and other stuff


Yeah cause my computer refuses to let me send it straight into a compressed folder :L so I had to do that.

How so if reporting is gone? I could use any type of reporting