Excella And Claire Hot Scene



reupload please! Uppix can’t be seen from Russia!

Re uploaded.

XD are you going to continue this

The response have been so poor. I don’t think so. Doesn’t seem like people are interested.

Maybe because it makes no sense? At least to me.

Sorry Rast, but people here in the comic section (at least I’d like to think) like cohesion and story.

If they just wanted your sex poses, they’d go to the sex pose megathread. :v:

Not a single person on DeviantArt had trouble getting the humor. And the response was good.
It is a younger audience here on FP.

remember facepunch is full of cold hearted scumbags don’t expect people will say a positive comment about this

I’m sorry. Unless it’s a reference to something I don’t know about, I just don’t see any humor in it at all. I like lesbians as much as the next guy, but I don’t find bondage LOLFUNNEH.

Sorry Rast.

Don’t apologize. People have different sense of humor. That is all.

damn, that was disappointing. I was starting to enjoy that. Oh well

Rastifan, why does it always seem to be you behind these sorts of things?

You Son of a bitch you Rick Rolled us but it was still good : )

I’m still looking for the punch-line.

Heck, the language being written like that made it funnier.

lmfao dude, are you german btw? Noticed the german words are all spelled correclty

I am Norwegian. But google translate and some research helped.

Turn on the lights :smug: