Excella Gionne

After an extreme amount of effort and frustration, here is Excella.

Nothing would go right with this port. NOTHING!


I wouldn’t be suprised if people found alot of problems with it. But let me just say, I’m not touching this again lol. This is as good as its gonna get from me. Anyways, links…

Downloads -

What would you rather see next? The Executioner, or Chris?

That is if I can find the Executioner…

Will test this model. Looks nice. I would say Ada Wong, but I believe Plasmid had plans to port her.
Chris sounds good. No decent model of him out yet as I know of.

Amazing as always. Take your another medal.

Ar, i prefer Chris first, to ensuring complete global saturation.

He did have plans to port her, as well as Manuela from Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles, but then Dead Space 2 came out, and he has seemingly abandoned these efforts.

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Whaddya mean it’s buggy? Looks fine from here.

Hmm I only get this.


Well thats not good, hope I got the structure right

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I didnt, I put materials in


instead of


let me just fix downloads

— There we go, should be ok now. Sorry about that.

OH GOd Nice Job Fedge I LOVE YOu Keep Em Coming Please :stuck_out_tongue:

I gave you a dumb for that. Sort out folder structure before uploading.

Lol shut up, he made over 4 awesome models in under 3 days.

Fedge if I may ask, what are you using to port all these awesome models?

3ds Max + NOESIS, quite the handy combo.

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Cry some more?

RE5 Chris with faceposing plz
The Executioner is already ported by S-low

Made a test shot with her, entirely ingame, didnt both editing it because it already looked good ingame.
From what I have experienced the model is great looks really HD, posing her is a pain though, could you maybe tweak the .phys a bit?
Otherwise great work.


Yep she works. Thanks Fedge:smile:

THE EXECUTIONER! I would like to see him next :3

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But was horribly made. And so was Chris too. S-Low made Sheva, Chris, The chainsaw Majin, a crap load of other majins, the executioner, Evil Jill, and wesker with the long coat. And they were all horribly made. So getting better ones from Fedge would be great.

They where made for Counter Strike Source. Not for GMod or for posing in mind.

I’ve started Chris, and Im going to bodygroup his gear. I need help with the texture again, like Sheva’s business suit. Anyone able to remove the shadows for me?


I know that too :P. But still they were horrible.

How does everyone find the size of the ports I’ve done? Are they too small?

Someone recommended I increase their size a bit.

The models?
IMO they are just about right.

Yup they are Totally Right and They are Fucking awesome :stuck_out_tongue: