Excellent Work, FP

So, hadn’t played in quite awhile. It had nothing to do with the changes, even though I play largely solo.

My issue was performance. Used to be able to run the game at max for a good 35-40FPS (about the time rocket launchers came in) and enjoyed it immensely.
However, as more elements were added, the performance even on lowest settings was awful.

Reading quite a few performance tweaks such as gun/environmental sound compression along with some code optimization I decided to put in some Rust time.
I noticed even with maxed goodies I had 25fps with very minor hitching when loading a new area.
I then optimized the settings, getting about 35-45 steady even during gunplay! I even went on to have several kill streaks before the server crashed.

I do want to point out it only worked if I turned off the chat.
Why does chat still lag this game so bad? This has been such an issue for so long. Please look into this.

Besides that, thanks for making the game playable on an entirely budget build that in itself is a little old.

A couple of months ago i was getting a steady 10-15 frames.

Since i started playing again last update i’m now getting a solid 25-28 fps.

May not sound like much but man it makes the game more playable.

One thing I have to say is whenever I open a container or loot someone i get a 5 second lag spike. Every single time. I open a new box/loot/container instant freeze for 5 seconds or more sometimes.
Anyone know of a remedy or experience this?

Please tell us your system specs.

Intel Core i7 720QM
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730

3 usb ports
Dvd Drive
Sd Slot
Audio input Jack
Audio output Jack
Hot keys for Volume

Problem #1.

Problem #2.

However, hitching during looting/inventory management seems like it’s a problem with loading resources (like all the inventory icons and your own player model’s stuff) from disk, which given your machine’s relatively weak hardware (4GB is barely adequate in Rust’s current state) is likely.

Your computer’s not awful, but it’s six years old and Rust is both being built for today’s standards and very unoptimized at the moment. That’s a combination that’s going to cause unhappy, but not completely unplayable, results.