exception access violation error

was getting a “too many polygons” error, so the polycount was lowered and now this error is appearing:


In my case it occurs when I’ve got too much verts per .smd. Try slicing your model into multiple .smds and compile these as $bodygroup.

tried that, still getting the error.

Hmm, try compiling with TF2 compiler then, it has never given me such error. Or try cutting the mesh into more bodygroups, a friend of mine once said that it’s best if you keep the .smd size below 4mb if you want to avoid potential troubles. ( Sayin’ that because i assume you’ve composed a reference .smd that is too big)

I’ve encountered that error only when trying to split up SMDs, and I had to merge them again to fix it :v:
I think I’ve also had to deal with the error when I’ve messed something up with QC formatting, so you might want to double-check that

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it’s apparently a sort of generic error, so there could be a few different things that you’ve done wrong

Strange, usually when that happens to me I just keep pressing the compile button until it doesn’t show up anymore.

Yeah, EXCEPTION ACCESS VIOLATION is how StudioMDL says “Something went wrong, but I don’t know what.” (or more specifically, “but I won’t tell you.”)

What I would is just slice your model into a bunch of SMDs, put them together into a QC as bodygroups, and then comment out all but one bodygroup to start with. See if that will compile.

Then just slowly add bodygroups, one at a time, recompiling after each, until it stops compiling. If you find a bodygroup that breaks the compiling, comment it out and try adding another one, until you’ve gone through them all.

Then, at that point, I would split those not-compiling bodygroups off into a separate model, and do the same thing.

Repeat this process until you have all of the bodygroups compiled into however many models it takes.

Then you just use Bone Merging to recombine the models in whatever branch of Source you’re using.

EXCEPTION ACCESS VIOLATION is a really fickle creature. I had a particular mesh that compiled with no problems whatsoever. I made a slight modification to the shape of its geometry, and suddenly I had to split it into 7 models to get it to compile. And it was only like 20k polygons. Was really bizarre - but that’s just Source, baby.