I’m learning to model, and I’m trying to compile with GUIStudioMDL 2.2/Source, I’ve set everything up following a guide, but I get the error instead.
Here’s the Log:
qdir: “c:\users\reida8\documents\aigis”
gamedir: “F:\Steam\SteamApps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod”
g_path: “C:\Users\reida8\Documents\Aigis\Aigis.qc”
Building binary model files…
Working on “Aigis.qc”
SMD MODEL Aigis.smd
ERROR: Aborted Processing on ‘player/reida7/Aigis.mdl’
WARNING: Leaking 1 elements

Here’s the beginning of the .qc:
// Created by Crowbar

$modelname “player/reida7/Aigis.mdl”
$model “Aigis” “Aigis.smd”
$cdmaterials “models\reida7”

// $attachment “eyes” “ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1” 3.2 -3.5 0.12 rotate 0 -80.1 -90
$attachment “mouth” “ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1” 0.6 -5.5 0 rotate 0 -80 -90
$attachment “chest” “ValveBiped.Bip01_Spine2” 5 4 0 rotate 0 90 90
$attachment “forward” “ValveBiped.forward” 0 0 0 rotate 0 0 0
$attachment “anim_attachment_RH” “ValveBiped.Anim_Attachment_RH” 0 0 0 rotate -90 -90 0
$attachment “anim_attachment_LH” “ValveBiped.Anim_Attachment_LH” 0 0 0 rotate -90 -90 0
$attachment “anim_attachment_head” “ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1” 0 0 0 rotate -90 -90 0

$surfaceprop “flesh”

$contents “solid”

This usually points to too many verts or tris. It can also be because of a massive VTA file. Also, try using Crowbar instead of GUIStudioMDL.

I tried Crowbar and got the same result any tips on how to fix it?

Like he said, your model has too many vertices. Try splitting it into multiple SMD files.

This is my first time modeling, so if you don’t mind, do you have a guide on how to do that, and how to use multiple SMD’s for one player model?

Splitting the model is done in your Specific 3D editor, I can’t help there.

However, once you have your multiple SMDs you can just add a $model line for each one.


$model Aigis Aigis.smd
$model Aigis2 Aigis2.smd
$model Aigis3 Aigis3.smd

And so on.

i do know that if you compile a model with too many verts in the SFM Studiomdl, it’ll compile them into separate models in the same container, so it still reads from 1 .mdl file. these models normally work with TF2, but i’m not sure about GMOD.

ok thanks, i’ll try that

If you compile a model with the SFM compiler and stick it in Gmod it won’t work. It doesn’t load the model and yells that the flag TRI_STRIP_QUAD or something like that will crash the engine.

Crowbar provides a GUI for compiling models with studiomdl.exe just the same as GUIStudioMdl. Both can be pretty useful if you prefer an interface, but swapping from one to the other is most likely not going to make any bit of a difference unless you’ve configured something incorrectly.

They do provide the same thing, but Crowbar is much more convenient because it has a batch compile function and easier path setup. If you don’t care about those things then you can use either.

Crowbar is magicool. It’s already set up with the proper path for GMod 13, which makes it a lot nicer for newer porters and modelers. Batch compiling is also great, as well as crowbar’s far superior decompiler.

While that is true for the most part, it’s unfortunately not 100% true. If you happen to be one of the small handful of people out there that have Steam and/or GMod installed to a different directory or drive (like myself), Crowbar won’t be able to pick up on the difference and will try to read everything from what it would assume is the normal installation directory. At least from what I’ve noticed, anyways; I have Steam and GMod installed to an external drive, but Crowbar was trying to read everything from C:\ instead of the correct drive that I have Steam and GMod installed to (and I’ve got a few people I work with on Steam who have mentioned the same problem).

Crowbar is a fantastic tool and Zeq did some great work with it, especially reviving a tool that probably wouldn’t have been otherwise. I apologize if I sound rude or if I’m getting the wrong impression but you seem to make the same comment in a lot of threads. It’s a great tool but swapping to it isn’t going to mysteriously fix everybody’s problems and like Katra said it can’t automatically detect the correct directory or even program you wish to use 100% of the time. Sorry again if that sounds rude.

It all depends on what you’re talking about. For decompiling Crowbar is factually the best software out there and there’s no excuse to use anything else.

For normal compiling, it does have several advantages in terms of convenience and usability, but can be substituted for others if the user wants to.