I am trying to compile a ported ambulance from a game, i exported it as an smd on 3dsmax, everything went fine. I created this QC file:

Now, i get this error when i am trying to compile using GUIStudioMDL:

For the compiling i only have the ambulance.smd + ambulance.qc, thats all. I didnt create a folder yet on the directory/made the VMT+VTF’s, does it matter? From what i can recall it doesnt. Thanks in advance for helping.

You’re missing the crucial line:

$model “ambulance” “ambulance.smd”

Put that in right after $modelname.

Actually it was just a high amount of pollys. Thanks anyways.

I documented this error sometime ago when I was active, but never pinpointed the actual cause.

Are you absolutely sure it was related to a poly count issue? it may have been vertex weight related…