Excess Waters Bridge

Here is the outcome of a day or so sick.

Creeping upon 1200 props this bridge is structurally correct as much as the source engine will allow it to be. I planned to keep on going with this but I could not save it anymore. The server would either crash, or I would RSO. Anyway, this is where I stop.





If you guys want a video, I recorded a full res walk through of it. I do not know if it is worth encoding though. Pictures pretty much explain it all.

wow this is amazing. seriously, i cannot even comprehend how amazing this is.

Damn, that’s pretty good.

:cookie: that looks amazing

Damn… Make me that trestle we talked about :stuck_out_tongue:

Fucking amazing bridge btw.

I was making the trestle, then you’re buddy there released the map with a bridge in that spot.


Too bad Saratos doesn’t show up anymore. He would be all like “LOL FORCEW-”… bah.

Totally awesome.

You should build other things too! Like a car or boat… or bus or tank… or a building, or a windmill. I’m sure your talent for detail would be well exercised in all of those genres!

Anyway, yeah thats what you get for placing all those tiny props piece by piece ; )

? The fuck ?

I tried to forceweld my 500 prop bridge and the source engine just slapped a big old “fuck you” on my screen.


I have done cars, you have to make slow shitty cars cause Gmod is old and sucks at fast stuff. Boats are dumb because water is gay in gmod. Tanks you cannot have real tracks, bus would be a consideration. Building are full of dumb people and windmill is a good idea.

^ Rush post, I have a race now.

That is awesome.

Make it on a different map.


Make a train!!! Trains are win.

these are the sort of things better to make in real life (for whatever reason you may want to). No source engine to worry about, and… not to say it doesn’t rock, but it has no point regardless :3

You know, I wonder if parenting it would make it savable… Have you tried parenting the supports of your bridges and other small details to the part that you drive/walk on?

I am going to school to do this IRL. Civil Engineering -> Structural Engineering -> Bridge Design

The point of this was to look pretty and be correct.

I am doing Civil Engineering at university, this looks great.

Half of the stuff I build is just to look awesome. It doesn’t have much use… Atleast… In GMod it doesn’t…

Fucking phx use vanilla!!!


inside joke, lol

I think he needs to materialize it :stuck_out_tongue:

And if I were to use Vanilla on this, I’d just spawn a fucking bridge model. xD