Excessive, unplayable FPS after october update

So I decided to hop onto Garry’s Mod since a bit and I get greeted with… well, less than a single frame per second, occasionally 2. Not even joking.
I checked the task manager and GMod is only using 1-2% of CPU at any given time, unless loading a map.

No relevant console errors, and nothing else I can think of that would cause it.

CPU is Pentium G3258,
8gb RAM
on Windows 10

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Only seems to be happening in multiplayer on any server, even empty ones and local servers.

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hl2.exe also crashes (has stopped working) when trying to quit normally while lagging. this doesn’t happen all the time though
Minidump located here: http://dumps.metastruct.uk.to/dumper.py?dump=hl2_161028_crash_2016_10_30T4_29_36C0.mdmp

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validation does nothing

Any workshop subscriptions?

Yeah, a good few.
Servers I play on also have workshop downloads
I’ll try running with -noworkshop

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No good

Exit Discord or Overwolf.

another reason to use mumble instead